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TOPIC: Logical unit already opened, cy38

Logical unit already opened, cy38 7 years 9 months ago #1218


I'm running cy38 in climate mode forced by ERA-I. After 2 year (2y, 4mon) integration I get the error:
*** LFIECR - ERROR "WRITE" 38,UNIT 71,REC.NUM 4438,* 3072 WORDS ***

The message is raised from lfieng_mt.F and it means that the LFI logical unit is already opened.
I've tried to resubmit the month after deleting all the output from that month but it doesn't solves it.
Have anyone encountered this before and knows the solution?

P.S I'm attaching the logfile.

/David Lindstedt

Logical unit already opened, cy38 7 years 9 months ago #1219

  • Eoin Whelan
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Hi David,

your log file attached seems to be garbled (when I download it to my PC at least). Could you re-attach or point me to a copy on ecgate?

I'm not sure I can help but I will have a quick look.


Logical unit already opened, cy38 7 years 9 months ago #1220

Hi Eoin,

Thank you for having a look at this!
The file is gzipped, but I'm attaching an unzipped file now.

The Node.001_01 file is 22M large, but if you would like to see that let me know and I can put it on the ecgate.

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Logical unit already opened, cy38 7 years 9 months ago #1221

  • Eoin Whelan
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Below is an excerpt from David's log file. An abort is called from lfieng_mt.F because an LFI logical unit is already opened (as diagnosed by David). I have lazily suggested David add some diagnostic write statements.
  11:59:22 STEP 1078 H= 107:48 +CPU=  0.494
  11:59:22 STEP 1079 H= 107:54 +CPU=  0.501
JSETSIG: sl->active = 0
signal_harakiri(SIGALRM=14): New handler installed at 0x42e030; old preserved at (nil)
***Received signal = 6 and ActivatED SIGALRM=14 and calling alarm(10), time =  601.47
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721,signal#6(SIGABRT)]: Received signal :: 1663MB (heap), 520MB (rss), 0MB (stack), 0 (paging), nsigs 1, time   601.47
tid#1 starting drhook traceback, time =  601.47
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:  MASTER
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:   CNT0<1>
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:    CNT1
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:     CNT2
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:      CNT3
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:       CNT4
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:        STEPO
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:         IOPACK<A>
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:          WRMLPPA
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:           WRSPECA
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:            FAISAN_MT
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:             LFIECR_MT
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:              LFIEMS_MT
[myproc#1,tid#1,pid#1721]:               LFIENG_MT
tid#1 starting sigdump traceback, time =  601.48
Calling traceback from intel_trbk()
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
libintlc.so.5      00002B81139CDA7A  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libintlc.so.5      00002B81139CC576  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libifcoremt.so.5   00002B8112DAD21C  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libifcoremt.so.5   00002B8112D1D5AC  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
MASTERODB          000000000043C6CF  intel_trbk_                10  gentrbk.F90
MASTERODB          000000000042E401  signal_drhook            1100  drhook.c
libpthread.so.0    00002B810F277500  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libpthread.so.0    00002B810F2773CB  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
MASTERODB          000000000043BC58  ec_raise_                  94  endian.c
MASTERODB          0000000000449A10  sdl_mod_mp_sdl_sr         100  sdl_mod.F90
MASTERODB          000000000419D806  lfieng_mt_                513  lfieng_mt.F
MASTERODB          000000000419C63C  lfiems_mt_                 63  lfiems_mt.F
MASTERODB          000000000419AE91  lfiecr_mt_                466  lfiecr_mt.F
MASTERODB          0000000004185089  faisan_mt_                 77  faisan_mt.F
MASTERODB          000000000416FA9D  faisan_                    12  faisan.F
MASTERODB          000000000087A723  wrspeca_                  413  wrspeca.F90
MASTERODB          000000000087025B  wrmlppa_                  237  wrmlppa.F90
MASTERODB          0000000000677C6D  iopack_                   190  iopack.F90
MASTERODB          0000000000489743  stepo_                    230  stepo.F90
MASTERODB          000000000045D5D8  cnt4_                    1101  cnt4.F90
MASTERODB          0000000000458D9C  cnt3_                     283  cnt3.F90
MASTERODB          0000000000457D18  cnt2_                      73  cnt2.F90
MASTERODB          0000000000457B16  cnt1_                     113  cnt1.F90
MASTERODB          00000000004574AD  cnt0_                     152  cnt0.F90
MASTERODB          000000000040A7D3  MAIN__                     86  master.F90
MASTERODB          000000000040A6CC  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

Logical unit already opened, cy38 4 years 3 months ago #1960

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