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TOPIC: Noise in accumulated fluxes

Noise in accumulated fluxes 8 years 8 months ago #1078

In the attached image the noise in a 40 hour forecast of hourly global horizontal SW irradiance (GHI) is shown. The forecast time is at night, where the GHI should be zero. The noise level is up 5 W/m² and most likely arises from the lack of precision in the GRIB data and the very large values of the accumulated flux - typically 10's of millions of J/m².

The question then is, why do we store accumulated fluxes in units of [J/m²]? Why not just store hourly accumulated fluxes in units of [J/m²/hour] or hourly average fluxes in units of [Wh/m²/h]?

Doing this is likely to remove the noise problem.
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