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Enviro-HIRLAM on ECMWF HPC (cca) 1 year 3 months ago #2462

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Dear Sir/Madam.

I`m trying to setup and run Enviro-HIRLAM model on ECMWF HPC (cca) but I run into issue on a step "Prog". An error message I get is:

"Prog[60]> aprun -n 8 -N 2 /scratch/ms/fi/fign/hl_home/S15/lib/src/dmixc-gnu/bin/hlprog.x
aprun: This node is configured to run without ALPS services
aprun: Exiting due to errors. Application aborted
#[11:17:56] Prog[60]> exit 1
#[11:17:56] Prog[60]> echo /scratch/ms/fi/fign/hl_home/S15/lib/scripts/Prog failed

I have attached error-file and submission-file to this topic (I suppose that the problem is related to the submission-file configuration).

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Enviro-HIRLAM on ECMWF HPC (cca) 1 year 2 months ago #2463

Hi everybody,

I could run the model on cca (ECMWF) using "mpiexec" instead of "aprun" command.
But the ideas on how to run Enviro-HIRLAM using "aprun" are still welcomed.

Georgy Nerobelov.
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