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TOPIC: Lakes.dat.gz in Hirlam 7.4

Lakes.dat.gz in Hirlam 7.4 9 years 11 months ago #591


I ran into problems with Hirlam 7.4 (current trunk in fact).

When building climate with Flake "on" (MSO-SSO and other stuff seems to work):

READ: UNIT,PAR,TYP,LEV,MAX,MIN 95 196 105 0 0.1000E+01 0.0000E+00
frlake 4.15039063E-02
READ: UNIT,PAR,TYP,LEV,MAX,MIN 95 195 105 0 0.7000E+01 0.0000E+00
dwd soil type 5.0000000
READ: UNIT,PAR,TYP,LEV,MAX,MIN 95 191 105 0 0.2000E+02 0.1000E+01
primary hs class 19.000000
READ: UNIT,PAR,TYP,LEV,MAX,MIN 95 192 105 0 0.2000E+02 0.0000E+00
secondary hs class 1.0000000
At line 309 of file previ.f (unit = 100, file = 'fort.100')
Fortran runtime error: End of file

This is when reading fort.100 which is prepared from Lakes.dat.

It ends at prpo/previ.f

C get lake depths from database prepared for current experiment
C domain: read from ASCII file



And is kind of logical, as I have NLONXNLAT 220X256 which is more then the total line count of fort.100 (which is only 51480)

What am I missing here? O am I using some wrong Lakes.dat.gz file from very beginning?

Re: Lakes.dat.gz in Hirlam 7.4 9 years 10 months ago #620

Hi Martynas,

It does not seem that you have gotten any reply to this 3 weeks old question. Have you gotten fixed this else-how in the meantime?

Re: Lakes.dat.gz in Hirlam 7.4 9 years 10 months ago #621

Hi Kristian,

After some reading I understood that I have to extract a new file with lake data after all, but I'll only be able get back to this problem latter.

I guess that means case closed for now.

Re:Lakes.dat.gz in Hirlam 7.4 9 years 4 months ago #879

A minor peculiarity regarding Lakes.dat.gz in Hirlam 7.4. To run Climate_month (and Climate) at DMI, I had to change the line

gunzip Lakes.dat.gz && cp Lakes.dat fort.${ilakes}


mv $HL_COMDAT/$CLEXP/Lakes.dat.gz $HL_COMDAT/$CLEXP/WD$$ && gunzip $HL_COMDAT/$CLEXP/WD$$/Lakes.dat.gz && cp $HL_COMDAT/$CLEXP/WD$$/Lakes.dat $HL_COMDAT/$CLEXP/WD$$/fort.${ilakes}

Without this change only a link was made in the working directory (WD$$), which gunzip cannot handle.
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